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PRICE: $59

Plan XL

70 slots
  • Latest ARK with autoupdate (stable and beta channel)
  • DLC-s
  • RAM and disk space is not limited
  • FTP access
  • Task Scheduler (server commands or restart)
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Backups
  • RCON
  • Dedicated Discord channel
  • Support
  • 7 day refund policy

What our customers say

"Great service! I was very happy with this host. My whole family and friends are going to be playing New World. So, unfortunately we won't be playing. I will definitely be using this service the next time we play. And I will always recommend this. I have used multiple sites and this one blew them all away"


"Great hosting and works well. It's ice to finally have found a great service. Hopefully they fix the issue where I got the server as 19.6 alpha but it some reason gave me 19.5 but other then that little glitch its well worth the money I'm paying. Chwers"

Paul Jensen

"Never had my own server set up but this was easier than I imagined, the customer support is quick and friendly. At a competitive price can't ask for more!"

Stacy T

"Your service and server hosting and the control panal all looks amazing and operate as fine as it should be ,i am canceling the subscription just because we are not gonna play the game for a while , also one more thing if you guys can add more modpacks it would be amazing , something like zombiedayz or undead legacy mod pack , that's all. Thanks for the great server and the perfect service."