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PRICE: $17

Plan M

24 slots
  • Latest ARK with autoupdate (stable and beta channel)
  • DLC-s
  • RAM and disk space is not limited
  • FTP access
  • Task Scheduler (server commands or restart)
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Backups
  • RCON
  • Dedicated Discord channel
  • Support
  • 7 day refund policy

What our customers say

"Hello, I wanted to send a message as a guy who has been a network admin for 15 plus years, your service is absolutely fantastic and cheap as hell. It was so easy with the tutorial to upload my 7d files to the dedi and fully manage it thru the slick web ui. Keep doin what you’re doin y’all. Cheers."

Ian E.

"Welp, Im now a proud renter of my own 7 days to die server. Very Pleased so far. Easy and quick to set up and get started for noob like me, would recommend to other's"


"The server was up and running in seconds, easy setup, easy Mod setup. Server has been running, as MK would say it Flawlessly. Very happy."


"A great 7d2d server host! Servers are low-cost, and the support is great. You need absolutely no IT/Linux/Server -knowledge to get started, and the ease of configuration blew me away. I just paid up, and literally within minutes I was able to connect with my friend. We noticed we had some unwanted settings, so I logged in to admin panel, few clicks and our server was configured the way we liked it. Their support is really active in discord, and usually you'll get answers within minutes. Heavily recommended!"

La Hex