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PRICE: $10

Plan S

10 slots
  • Latest ARK with autoupdate (stable and beta channel)
  • DLC-s
  • RAM and disk space is not limited
  • FTP access
  • Task Scheduler (server commands or restart)
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Backups
  • RCON
  • Dedicated Discord channel
  • Support
  • 7 day refund policy

What our customers say

"Went through a few options with servers for 7 Days to Die, finally found one who was quick to help me. Well worth the price! I have already upgraded my server plan because I have more friends joining me than I thought would. Really appreciate everyone behind here making magic happen! (:"

Heather Bunn

"Solid hosting and responsive support. I use the server for streaming vanilla gameplay with multiple users (from around the world) using Twitch integration. Canadian server Map size 8k max 16 players Any questions or concerns I have are usually hashed out within an hour through their discord. Price is fair, latency is low"


"Your hosting service provides an incredibly low price-point from my perspective, with the trade-off being I have less control over how it runs. I think you all handled the 19.6 upgrade very well and very quickly, which reinforces the idea that the low price-point is less about providing reduced/inferior support and more about providing thoughtful, targeted reduction of access/customization in support of eliminating common problem areas. see more."

Jonathan Robertson // Kanaverum

"Super easy setup and configuration. Adding the ability to easily set up the darkness falls mod makes it a fantastic server hosting service."

Kevin Y.